Management Solutions for Emergency Services


More than likely you were motivated to join the fire/rescue/EMS services from a desire to help others in need, the brotherhood the department offered and the satisfaction of serving your community in a most honorable way. You experienced the satisfaction of applying your skills and abilities to tame a hostile situation and provide care for those truly in need. Your hard work, leadership ability, exceptional skill and education attainment has been recognized by the members of the department, and they have honored you by selecting you to be their CHIEF!

New chief or seasoned, you are liable for, and must manage a myriad of laws, regulations, personnel issues, governmental and industry standards, administrative requirements, budgets, inspections, meetings; the list of things needing your attention seems endless. Your time is finite and personnel available to help you in a meaningful way are likely scarce. It is easy, and by no fault of your own, to become overwhelmed. You might now be coming to the realization that many issues you truly need to be taking care of are not being addressed simply because you do not have the time. Important things necessary for the proper management and security of the department given community and governmental expectations are being pushed to the “back burner”.

Management Solutions for Emergency Services offers you an easy and inexpensive way to review, assess, develop, and implement administrative necessities and will then stand by you as you incorporate them into your department operations. MSFES will work with the department leadership to provide a customized administrative program with the goal of improving departmental operations, limiting liability and perhaps saving you some money. Let MSFES reduce your worry of what the department may be lacking and allow you to get back to devoting your time to those duties you cherish the most.