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Annual Agreement

Management Solutions for Emergency Services (MSFES) has worked to build an Annual Program that allows volunteer, combination, and even larger organizations an opportunity to obtain services that only large cities and counties have in the way of HR and Risk Reduction help.

The contents of the below program show the in-depth nature of this process and just how dedicated our staff is to building a resourceful, affordable, and efficient program for all North Carolina emergency service organizations.

MSFES currently protects 150+ fire departments, rescue squads, cities, towns, divisions of state government, and counties in North Carolina under this program. Please give us a call today and let us explain the program further and answer any questions you may have! We are eager to have you onboard so we can provide your organization with the utmost protection.


Advisory Services:

  • MSFES provides two (2) hours of telephone or email consultation with an MSFES human resource / risk reduction specialist.
  • MSFES facilitates a two (2) hour consultation with a law firm/attorney. This consultation shall be in a manner mutually agreed upon by the law firm/attorney and the Organization.

Background Checks

  • MSFES provides organizations with up to twenty-five (25) pre-hire background checks each year; and
  • MSFES runs Criminal History Checks on up to fifty (50) volunteers and employees once an organization is onboarded.

NC & National Monitoring:

MSFES monitors up to one hundred and twenty-five (125) volunteers or employees of the Organization under the MSFES NC & National system.

Drug Testing:

  • MSFES provides up to Ten (10) Random Drug Test kits per year;
  • MSFES provides up to Ten (10) Pre-Hire Drug Test kits per year;
  • MSFES provides up to Two (2) Reasonable Suspicion Drug Test kits per year;
  • MSFES provides up to Two (2) Post Accident Drug Test kits per year; and
  • MSFES provides Four (4) Random Drug Test selections per year. These selections are conducted by the MSFES DOT Random Generator.

Note: All MSFES Drug Test Kits shall have Pre-Paid Shipping, be tested by an accredited lab, and evaluated by a Medical Review Officer. Results are reported directly to the Organization.

Administrative and/or Operational Documents

MSFES will provide the following documents including, but not limited to, the following; Applicant No-Thank You Letter, Employee Job Offer Letter, Non-Active Volunteer Letter, Volunteer Position Letter, Volunteer Status Termination (With Gear) Letter and Volunteer Status Termination (Without Gear) Letter. Employment Applications, Application Letters, Background Release Form, Drug and Alcohol Consent & Release Forms, Employment Offer Letter, Handbook Disclaimer & Acknowledgement Form, Records Release Form, Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination Form, Junior Volunteer Release Form, and FCRA Summary of Rights Form, Damaged-Missing Item Form, Firefighter Health Clearance Form, Non-Physical Warning Form, Ride Along Request Form, Self-Evaluation Form.

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

MSFES provides a Bi-Monthly newsletter addressing general information about the law, accounting and auditing issues, risk management, as well as issues and/or strategies to better address the employment of career professionals and volunteers and/or the protection of the organization.

Hotline Services

MSFES maintains a web-based reporting program, through which employees, contractors, volunteers, and others engaged or contracted by Organization to perform work (collectively referred to as "Reporters") can report concerns anonymously. The Reporters can file reports 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with exception to periodic system maintenance.

Labor Law Poster(s)

MSFES provides Organizations with a current State and Federal Labor Law Poster, if needed, and automatically sends Organizations a revised poster if a law changes that affects the validity of information provided on the previous Labor Law Poster for North Carolina.

Customized Organization Website

MSFES provides Organizations with one (1) website, chosen from a selection of custom templates, to facilitate better communication with the communities in which they serve.

In Closing

As you can see, MSFES offers exceptional risk reduction and human resource services to keep your Organization protected. MSFES provides management officials with the resources needed to have their questions addressed promptly and professionally. MSFES is available by phone or email anytime questions arise to ensure all issues are handled properly and risk is thoroughly mitigated. This program is extremely affordable for organizations of all sizes. With VFIS’s assistance, MSFES has been able to cover small fire departments with budgets of $50,000 or less, to large counties with budgets exceeding 50 million dollars.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us!

Keith A. Bost – (828) 409-1638 /

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