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Volunteer Firemen's Insurance Services Background Investigation Bureau

Background Investigation Bureau (BIB)

Our vision at Management Solutions for Emergency Services, LLC is to provide programs to departments that reduce the administrative legal risk that emergency service organizations face. In the fire and rescue industry, we see divisions such as operations, administration and fire prevention. We also saw the need in our company to have specialized services and divisions. In order to safeguard fire and rescue departments, we have recognized that we must partner with experts in specialized fields.

We have searched intensely for a perfect partnership to provide criminal history checks and substance abuse testing for departments. There are a multitude of companies that provide such services nationwide. Our goal was to identify a partner that would not only be cost effective for emergency service organizations, but also someone who could provide outstanding services, products and protection. We identified several small organizations that would provide inexpensive background checks; however, they failed to meet the quality control standards we established for ourselves and the organizations we represent.

That is why Management Solutions for Emergency Services made the decision to partner with Background Investigation Bureau (BIB). BIB is a North Carolina based firm and has provided criminal history checks for almost two decades. Nationally recognized, BIB is one of the most capable employment screening agencies available. They customarily contract and provide services for large firms, however, by partnering with MSFES they have made it possible to help us protect the many fire and rescue organizations we support.

MSFES has worked hard over the last year to build a team of human resource experts, attorneys, and financial experts. With the help of Background Investigation Bureau, our proprietary system allows you to make confident placement decisions in an effort to mitigate risk and further safeguard the population and community you serve.

Volunteer Firemen's Insurance Services (VFIS)

With the collaboration of MSFES and VFIS on protecting North Carolina Fire Departments and Rescue Squads, we are focus on your protection. MSFES is an independent company that provides a great service to North Carolina departments and VFIS wants to help by providing funding through this grant program.

Most departments know that VFIS is committed to providing insurance protection, but they don’t know that VFIS also provides preventive protection. Through MSFES, VFIS is providing an avenue of that prevention protection to North Carolina Departments.

All you have to do is contact MSFES and they will come to your department and show you the different protection services they provide. If you are interested in any of those services and you are a client of VFIS, MSFES will help you fill out a grant form and submit it on your behalf. After you submit the grant form, VFIS will contact you within a few days to advise the amount they will provide.